• Blueberry Cake with almond and coconut

    Blueberry Cake-with almond and coconut

    Celebrate your kitchen with this Blueberry Cake I am sharing a simple recipe for a Blueberry Coconut and Almond Cake with you today. This cake celebrates the flavours of summer leaving your palate wowed. Its a recipe from one of my favourite food writers, Yotam Ottolenghi. A delightful and easy to whip up cake, the best part is it includes superfoods like coconut, almond and blueberries. But hey, take it easy, it’s still got butter and sugar, so remember a small slice a day to keep the doctor away. I feel like Julie from Julie and Julia as I type this post, probably because I am new to the world…

  • a recipe for hot cross buns that you can enjoy in the woods
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    Hot Cross Buns Recipe- A time to slow down

    With Easter around the corner, it is time for new beginnings and baking Hot Cross Buns! While there are many recipes on the net, these hot cross buns will take your breath away. A recipe that will help you rediscover the joys and stillness of slow living, to pause and take a break and to focus on moments that truly matter. The slow rising time required to make these sweet sticky buns celebrate the flavours and textures, perfumed with a hint of spices and citrus.The only investment required is your time and love! After all, that’s the recipe for all good things in life! Because it’s not a fast track recipe,…

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    Chocolate Cake-mom’s recipe

    Would you like to get the recipe for a Chocolate cake that inspires you to write and get creative? Well, this is not just any chocolate cake, it’s my mom’s recipe and with a twist of alcohol for the grown-ups. 🙂 When, I am feeling lost and need to slow down, this Chocolate cake comes to my rescue. I have just started a blog and figuring out the technical logistics has been driving me mad and up late at night. Watching you tube video’s, reading up on information, it’s an endless library of resources out there, as I am anything but tech savvy, it takes me longer to understand the…

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    Apple Rhubarb Crumble

    You will love this Apple Rhubarb crumble with a hint of ginger. Making crumble is no rocket science, its the easiest dish you can bake in your kitchen to celebrate the gifts of nature. And the best thing you can share on your table with others as this easy to make apple rhubarb crumble will definitely win many hearts. Apples in Norway Like it’s beautiful terrain, the terroir of western Norway in Hardangefjord has climate for some amazing fruit plantations. The fruit has been labelled as a protected geographical speciality with distinctive taste and colour. One of them being Apples, an important commodity of Norway, they were introduced by the…