• Blueberry Cake with almond and coconut

    Blueberry Cake-with almond and coconut

    Celebrate your kitchen with this Blueberry Cake I am sharing a simple recipe for a Blueberry Coconut and Almond Cake with you today. This cake celebrates the flavours of summer leaving your palate wowed. Its a recipe from one of my favourite food writers, Yotam Ottolenghi. A delightful and easy to whip up cake, the best part is it includes superfoods like coconut, almond and blueberries. But hey, take it easy, it’s still got butter and sugar, so remember a small slice a day to keep the doctor away. I feel like Julie from Julie and Julia as I type this post, probably because I am new to the world…

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    The Story of the Swedish Cinnamon Bun

    The beginnings While the French obsess about their croissants, the Swedes take pride in their Cinnamon Bun. The making of a Croissant is of course far more complex and requires some skill and expertise. But deceptively, Cinnamon buns can be easily whipped and made in almost every household of Sweden.   As soon as I landed in Stockholm, I was in the land of Cinnamon buns, bakeries teeming with them everwhere! Cinnamon and Cardamom were the most popular. Cinnamon and cardamom!?Hmmm, interesting as they are spices that travelled from Asia, so how did the Swedes claim it as their national bun? Of course, the Pastry chef in me was consumed with…

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    A Vegetarian in Stockholm

    My Gracious Host Swedes like their Nordic neighbours, rely heavily on mean and fish as their main course, while berries, breads and vegetables form the side. So when I went bag packing solo around Europe back in 2014, my couch surfing host, Harald was both amused and confused as I asked him to teach me a local vegetarian dish. He said they eat enough vegetables, but there was really no vegetarian main course that he could think of. I left to explore the city feeling a bit disappointed. Upon my return in the evening, I found Harald absorbed in grating a Kilo of Potatoes. He looked up and smirked, proudly…