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    Copenhagen Travel Guide

    Exploring Charming Copenhagen I lived in Copenhagen for a few years and fell in love with it’s charm and Hygge. A beautiful and vibrant city of bikes, I look forward to sharing my favourite places and experiences with you and hope you will love it as I much as I do.

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    Biking around Copenhagen: explore the city on a budget

    Copenhagen, the city of Bikes I miss biking around Copenhagen on my lovely yellow bike. Often, I would bike to the seaside, with a little picnic basket and that was really amazing. It was pretty scary at first to get back on the saddle after 10 years. But when you live in Copenhagen it’s hard to avoid the bike. And, I decided to conquer my fears and ride to the challenge. Copenhagen is one of the topmost bike-friendly cities in the world. Bikers get priority over all other forms of transport. You can carry your bike on the train and there are lanes dedicated to bikes all around the city.…

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    The Swedish Fika

    What is Fika? “Let’s go for a FIKA!” Fika is such an important part of Swedish tradition that it’s both a noun and a verb. Coffee is an inherent part of the culture in Sweden where Swedes stop …just stop to take a pause and gather around coffee and pastries. For Swedes, coffee is not just a beverage to be had in a rush for an energy boost, or to write up to do lists, or to stimulate the body to work. No planning, stress or thinking is desirable over Fika! A Fika is an attitude towards a slow life to forget all your angst and enjoy your existence. To Just BE!…